Country Chapel

Country Chapel

Life has a way of pulling us in every direction.  Family, finances, work and social commitments tug at the fabric of our daily lives in a way that often prevents us from spending any quiet time alone with our thoughts.  On the occasion that we do get those few moments, we might find our hearts longing for something more than all we are working so hard to accomplish.  It’s our desire, here in the Country Chapel, that we might understand the source of that longing and explore, through the power of God’s Word, a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that will completely fill our lives with a true sense of purpose and meaning.

Presented in the form of a simple study, these monthly entries are centered on the New King James Version of the Bible.  Every month we will look at a chapter or two from a given book which we are studying.  As we read through each book, we will take the time to search out God’s plan for each of us and refresh our minds with the truth of what God will do with anyone who is willing to let Him have control of their lives.  

We have chosen the Book of Joshua as the beginning of our study and we ask the Lord to speak to our hearts and grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose it and the strength to make it endure.


Country Chapel Devotionals and Bible Studies

 Date Entered

 Devotionals  Bible Studies
 11/20/08   Perfect Rest Joshua 1 
12/01/08 Life Changing Faith Joshua 2
01/01/09 Perfect Footing Joshua 3
02/01/09 A Path to Follow Joshua 4
03/01/09 Proper Preparation Joshua 5