Q:  Why is it important for me to keep records of my performance?


A:  Champions are not only made through commitment and perseverance but by evaluation, adjustment and practice.  Our website gives you the tools to make these assessments and helps you establish realistic expectations for each performance.  Through dynamic color charts, graphs and statistical illustration, you are presented with a clear picture of how your horse performs in every arena you enter.



Q:  How is information collected for charts, graphs and resulting statistics for each horse?


A:  Our primary focus is to give members clearly defined information about their performance.  To do this, members enter their own data into the security-protected Logbook.  The data is then processed in real time and integrated into easy-to-understand statistics, charts and visual illustrations.  Using this information, members can spot trends and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses while building a competitive edge.  Simply put, you need to know where you are to get to where you want to go.



Q:  I’m not very good with a computer. Is the system hard to use?


A:  Not at all.  In fact, simplicity has been one of our highest priorities.  The site is clean and uncluttered, and the tabs make it very easy to navigate through the system.  It was designed to be user friendly for all experience levels.



Q:  Can anyone else see the information I’m storing on my horses?


A:  No. Your information is completely confidential and can only be seen by you.  A personal user name and password have been set up to protect all of your data.  As long as you don’t give out that information, your data is safe.  The only time someone else can see your data is when you choose to post it to the web using a Classified Ad, Event or Performance Resume posting feature.



Q:  Is my personal information shared with any other vendors?


A:  No.  The information gathered by the site is used solely for the purpose of our operations and is not shared with outside vendors, organizations or associations. 



Q:  How long is the data stored for each of my horses?


A:  The information you put into the system will be saved there as long as your membership is active and that particular horse is not removed from the system. 



Q:  If people put in their own race results, how will I know if a posted Performance Resume is accurate?


A:  Knowing that the Performance Resume would be used to monitor general trends, illustrate consistency and represent a historical performance record for both personal use and marketing, the following checks and balances have been established to encourage an honest environment.


First, keep in mind that the system was developed to help a rider improve as a competitor by running against themselves while tracking and monitoring their trends through every performance.  Entering false information defeats this core purpose.


Second, at the bottom of each resume is a Statement of Accuracy, which is certified by the posting member.  This statement makes two specific declarations: 1) that the information posted for the date range and riders selected represents all or some portion of the runs made during this time period.  This is indicated by a percentage (10%-100%), as selected by the posting member, in this certification; 2) that the information posted is truthful and accurate to the best of their knowledge.  Because the data is entered by members, we cannot accept responsibility for their entries; this Statement of Accuracy places that burden completely on the posting member and their reputation. 


Third, we have purposely provided a place on the resume for the posting member to indicate the associations in which this horse competes.  Using this information, an individual can research a given association’s official posted show results to verify the trends indicated on each Performance Resume. 


Fourth, we have developed a membership-based rating system that allows members to provide feedback on their professional experience with other posting members.  This system awards points based on the ratings given and is reflected by the number of horseshoes shown in the resume.  A member with a Five Horseshoe rating has received at least 100 points in positive feedback reflecting their honesty and integrity. 



Q:  What happens to my information once I am no longer a member?


A:  Your information will transfer to our membership archives where it may be used for operations within the website or discarded as necessary. 



Q:  Does this site only allow you to track barrel and pole bending horses? 


A:  It is our desire to expand throughout the performance horse community.  For example, this is why we have built out all of the integrated parts of the Horse Profile pages.  Barrels and poles are just the beginning, and our incredibly talented team is already designing our future expansion. 



Q:  Is there any limit to the number of horses I can put on the system?


A:  The basic membership allows you to track three horses, but you can add as many horses as you want for a small additional fee per horse.



Q:  Are there certain browsers that this website works better in than others?


A:  The site is best viewed using Firefox, Explorer 7 & 8, Google Chrome and Safari.



Q:  How can I partner with the program to help grow my organization?


A:  It is our sincere desire to give back to the industry and help it continue to grow.  We have developed an exciting promotional program that generates monthly income to help with year-end awards, saddles, buckles and prize money.  Contact us at to help build this circle of support.