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Many things must work together to make a great run. There are no magic bits or magic supplements. Success is built on weeks of evaluation, adjustment and practice. Our tracking system was developed to give you the tools to make these assessments. It was once said, "Dreams are goals without a plan." The TrackMyHorse.comSM website helps you see where you are today so that you can create a plan to achieve those goals and live your dreams. This cutting-edge technology is designed to visually illustrate and help evaluate multiple elements that affect your horse’s performance.

My Horses

"It’s all about the horse." This all-too-familiar statement holds a line of truth. Having a great horse is essential, but managing that horse to perform at an optimum level can make all the difference at the pay window. The My Horses home page is where it all begins. Here's where we organize and display each horse you are tracking.


1) Quick Jump To access to all of your horse’s records. 2) Adding fun to efficiency, the Stat Board graphically displays your top three money winners and provides a quick reference to your total show history. 3) Manage your account and add horses to your tracking system. 4) Keep up to date on your performance horse schedule.

In the TrackMyHorse.comSM way of thinking, it’s all about helping you and your horses succeed as competitors.

Profiles and Calendar

Back in the barn, we believe there is not one magic key but all of the little things – working together – that make a Champion. The ever-expanding Profile pages will help you track these important details.


1) Schedule, organize and keep in-depth records of all of your horse’s care and management. 2) Our integrated Calendar feature allows you to coordinate all of your Profile entries – including feed supplements, medical care and farrier – into one simple location that coordinates with your race schedule.

These Profile pages then interact with our Analytics program and allow you to clearly see how each detail directly affects your race results. Improve your strategy, isolate problems and discover the program that works best for you and your horse. This is too cool … and it works to help fine-tune for maximum performance!


Keeping a record of your barrel racing performance is solid advice. Now, because of the TrackMyHorse.comSM system, what you do with this information is about to bring barrel racing to a whole new level of competition. Taking you directly to the heart of the program, the Logbook is essentially what makes it all work. The data you enter generates the majority of your graphs, charts and statistics.


1) Members enter their show information into the intuitive, easy-to-follow Logbook form. The more information you enter, the more the system works for you. However, you do have the option of inputting just the basics. 2) We wanted each page to be fun, exciting and encouraging, so tidbit stats were placed throughout the site. Every time you make an entry into your Logbook, these update automatically.

How fun is that?

Arena History

Let’s go racing. A rider’s mental preparation is an equally important part of a successful run. Being prepared to run against yourself – not just the lowest time on the clock – helps establish realistic expectations. Through dynamic color charts, graphs and statistical illustration, the Arena History presents you with a picture of invaluable information on how your horse performs in every arena you enter.


What a confidence builder to know your horse’s:
1) unique trends, 2) divisional performance, 3) personal area record, 4) average times, and so much more!

Showing up at the race is a necessary part of becoming a competitive barrel racer; being prepared for that race is crucial for becoming a champion.

Performance Resume

Are you ready to rock your world? Let’s not stop there; let’s rock the barrel horse industry together. For the first time in history, we have created a resume for your horse.


Using beautiful color graphics, the Performance Resume displays:
1) consistency trends, 2) divisional placings, and 3) divisional earnings, along with an entire array of data that clearly pictures your horse’s performance history and future potential.

Check out the TrackMyHorse.comSM homepage to see Performance Resumes that other members have posted. This is an exciting, powerful tool and the first of its kind created for personal evaluation, promotion of your bloodline, your training program and, yes, the sale of your horse.


If you have an analytical mind, we apologize now for all of the nights we are going to keep you up having too much fun! If analytics does not absolutely thrill you, there are plenty of useful tools you won’t want to miss.


Our basic analyzer:
1) plots the race results you choose, 2) and then allows you to overlay individual items from your horse’s Profile – such as your feed program, medical care and farrier – to see how these events are affecting your horse’s performance.

Hold on to your horses, this is just in its infancy stage. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to analyze anything and everything within the system, using a variety of charts, graphs and dynamic visual aids. Our outrageously talented computer team has no limit to what they can and will create in the future. Keep checking the Analyzer for new, fun and creative ways to help you manage your horse.


We consider this one of the most important aspects of our TrackMyHorse.comSM system. All of your information is confidential and can only be seen by you. There are a host of security blocks to keep your information safe and secure; members just need to protect their password. Passwords may be changed at any time to further protect your privacy. Your information cannot be viewed by other members or users unless you have chosen the Save and Post to Web option (where applicable throughout the site).

We trust you will find the site as thrilling and exciting as we do. We encourage you to use the entire program or just the portions that fit your needs. We are a fast-growing company with many more features lined up and ready to implement for our members’ benefit. Let the TrackMyHorse.comSM approach help you plan your goal and live your dream. Join today!

Set the Goal. Track the Path. Achieve the Win.