The Story

Our story is not unlike so many others who started out barrel racing with great hopes and expectations.  Our first barrel horses were purchased on the trust and assurance that these were the next great contenders.  Two decades of professional show horse experience helped us find our way along, but there was so much that we didn’t understand about making the right choice in a barrel horse.  Consistency, stamina, a good mind, a willing heart and a sound body are all very desirable characteristics in a quality performance horse, but more often than not, this seemed difficult to find.  Even if the perfect horse did come along, we still had so much to learn about ourselves and what it would take to compete in this vastly diverse and fast-growing sport.

In 2002, the concept was born out of pure necessity.  We needed a way to compete against ourselves, not just the biggest names that showed up at a barrel race.  We needed help in setting some realistic goals and tracking the path to determine our consistency and improvement while isolating problem areas.  We found that help and support by keeping very accurate records and carefully evaluating the results.  During this process, we began to see patterns in ourselves and our horses.  These patterns and trends opened up a whole new world of understanding that included the effects of our shoeing, medical visits, feed additives and training.  Most importantly, we found that we didn’t have to win a barrel race to be successful.  Week after week, we began to see the value in every run, taking that information to build on what we had learned and ultimately helping both horse and rider reach their potential.

The dramatic effect this approach had on our lives became very obvious.  It wasn’t just about the money, the standings or the occasional buckles and saddles we won.  It also was about the invaluable performance history we had built up for each of our horses.  We found ourselves at barrel races with our computers out, our video cameras in hand and small crowds standing around our now-expanding performance analysis program.  Race after race, those who saw what we were doing asked what the program was and what we were doing to make it available to the public.  Six years later, in 2008, the website was officially released on the Internet with the ever-expanding goal of reaching out to as many riders and their horses as possible, helping each of them experience the joy of reaching their full potential. is owned and operated by Track My Horse, LLC, a Texas-based corporation committed to the continued expansion and development of the performance horse industry.