The TMH AdvantageSM

The TMH Advantage

A first of its kind, our web-based, interactive, performance horse-tracking program is accessible anywhere, any time with no downloads, no software, and in a secure, password-protected environment.

The know-before-you-show Arena History puts you in position to set realistic goals for every event by tracking your personal arena records, average time, divisional performance trends, and so much more.  This information is displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand graphic format that will help you compete against yourself and reach your goals.

For the first time in history, we have created a Performance Resume for your horse using state-of-the-art programming that graphically illustrates your horse’s talent and ability in an awesome presentation that can be printed, emailed or posted online.

An easy-to-follow Log Book organizes and securely stores all of your show records – including run times, arena conditions and tack used – all while building an exciting performance history for each of your horses.

These groundbreaking Horse Profile management pages allow you to view your personal race schedule alongside all of your farrier, medical and feed supplements, while building comprehensive records of your horse’s care, thus maximizing performance.

Put fact behind the feel in every run by using the Analyzer to overlay your Horse Profile records with performance results and discover how your horse is responding to your care and management program.

Members have free and unlimited use of Classified Advertisements, including free public access to all of your listings, such as horses, tack, equipment and more.

Whether you own, invest, ride or just follow your favorite performance horse, our cutting-edge tracking system helps maintain the value in all of your equine athletes by providing stunning graphic and statistical illustrations that help define trends, establish future expectations and create a winning plan.